Ask me about bid process for HUD HOMES.

****Rates are going UP this summer. Buy now while they are LOW.***

Read these Buyer Benefits in Purchasing a HUD Home!

  1. Only $100 down with FHA Financing as compared to thousands of dollars needed for down-payment.
  2. 3% Closing Costs Paid by HUD. Less money YOU have to bring to closing table. More money to spend moving.
  3. Large Inventory
  4. Usually no appraisal fees required if using FHA Financing. You save about $400.
  5. Each property has a detailed inspection report for you to view before placing a bid.
  6. Closing process is streamlined and easy.
  7. Less contract paperwork.Contract only 1 page.
  8. You have an estimation on how much any repairs will cost.
  9. Repair costs can be rolled into your FHA loan instead of having to do before closing.

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