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If you've been thinking of selling your current home, now is a good time move forward and put your house on the market.  With the drop in foreclosure rates, there are fewer foreclosed and short sale properties on the market. This has helped property values of traditional resales to increase fairly substantially.  Over the past few years, unless you had a great deal of equity built up in your current home, you were likely to take a loss when you tried to sell.  With the increase in property values, more home owners can now afford to make the move to sell their current home.

Drought Breaker Realty, Inc. is ready to help you market and sell your current home. We will research and help you set a realistic listed price, offer suggestions to help you show your house in such a way to attract the most buyers, assist you with negotiations on all offers, and trouble-shoot and do whatever it takes to get your deal to the closing table.

If you are in the market for a new home, whether you are taking a step up from your current home, downsizing to a smaller home or looking for a vacation property on the lake, Drought Breaker Realty, Inc. has experienced Buyer's Agents ready to assist you in your search for a property that is perfect for you.  Again, we will be there for you throughout the process, from finding the property that is right for you and your finances, to negotiations, and all the way through the closing.  Remember, using a  Buyer's Agent costs you nothing, but not using one could cost you plenty!

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