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My Off Market Private Sale Properties are NOT listed on this site, or on any site. Over 99% of my Real Estate Business is Off Market.

Stevenson Desir is the Broker at Financial Brokers Global, LLC. He works as an Entrepreneur, Investor and Broker in Real Estate. He has been in Financial Services Business since 1980. His experience include Insurance, Securities, Retirement Planning, Real Estate and Residential and Commercial Lending, We have unlisted commercial, industrial & residential properties for sale. We work almost exclusively with off market private sales of all categories of Real Estate. We bring buyers and sellers together. We offer Multifamily Residential. Office Buildings, SFR, Packages, Portfolios, REO, NPN, PN and Bulk, Industrial, Self Storage, Commercial, Malls, Shopping Centers, Retail, Hotels, Casinos, Land, Resorts, etc. We work with large sources who will CUSTOM FILL your LOI to your criteria. Some are offering 40 cents on the dollar.   You tell us what you want and where you want it. Min $10M. Just tell us what you want by sending us a LOI and POF or state in your LOI that you will proof up to seller. We operate Nationwide and International. Email me with what you need, Our flow of properties is continual. We have access to unlisted off market, distressed properties of every kind nationwide. Keep in touch. broker11@comcast.net 770-558-6311. Skype: sdabroker.  

We have access to PPP and MTN traders buyers and sellers.  Sometimes we have precious metals and rocks in the ground and off the ground.  Not happy with the returns on your money?  Let us talk.  Are you selling or buying off market property?  Let us talk. Do you want to JV? Let us talk. Do you want to lend money to investors? Let us talk. If your deal is legal and it can make us clean money ... let us talk.

We love to do it right the first time around.  More efficient than fixing it later. 


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