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This is the time to take advantage of a bitter and sweet situation.  There are so many deals of a life time out there with Real Estate it will blow your mind.  Over 80% of homes sold are foreclosures or Short-sales.  Most of the houses sold are sold for less than 70 cents on the dollar and some for less than 40 cents on the dollar.                

For investors this is the time to take advantage of this and find nothing but financial freedom.  Why not invest your money and get a far better return than you are making on the low interest rates paid by the banks.

For first time buyers, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th time buyers this is the time to buy that Dream home you have been looking for, but was afraid to venture out.  The prices out here today you can not afford to not take advantage of these prices.  Please give me a call 404-307-7259 and let me  prove this to you.    

SHORT-SALE  VS FORECLOSURE                     

                                         What is a short sale?

Simply, a short sale is the process by which the bank allows a distressed homeowner to sell the property for less than the amount owed on the loan. In today’s market, when property values have dropped well below original loan values, short sales have become an increasingly popular option for both homeowners AND the banks.,

                                “Why Would A Bank Accept A Short Sale


Banks will gladly accept a short sale as an alternative to foreclosure. Here are three reasons why:

“In a short sale, the bank never owns the home”

It is often overlooked, but this is one of the major reasons why banks prefer short sales.

Having to take back the home and then sell it at auction is a major undertaking that can be 

expensive. In a short sale, there is already someone who wants to buy the home so that hassle is taken care of.


In a short sale, the bank gets more money.

Ultimately, this is the main reason. Even though the bank is not getting the full amount of the loan, the amount of the average short sale is almost always significantly more than what they can sell a foreclosed home for at auction.

In a short sale, the home is generally in better shape.

It is a sad fact, but when people are about to lose their home to foreclosure, they will sometimes try to distance themselves emotionally from the home in order to cope. This can lead to the home not being taken care of, which makes it that much harder to sell. In a short sale, the seller is always being proactive and is generally more responsible.

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