There are hundreds of questions you can ask agents when you are interviewing them. If you are thinking of selling, interview 2 or 3 agents. See who fits your needs and who you feel good about.

To avoid being overwhelmed at the agent selection stage of the home selling process, ask yourself some questions: 

  • Do you want a full time agent or a part time agent? 
  • Ask when is the agent available to work. 
  • Do you want a listing agent who collects listings, knowing some but not all will sell or an agent with fewer listings who lists to get them sold?
  • How do YOU like to communicate? Phone? Text? E-mail? How often do you want progress reports?
  • What are your expectations? To be very involved or have a take charge agent? A fast sale? Multiple offers? Above market value selling price?
  • Do you want print advertising? Internet marketing? How do you want the house shown?
  • 4. Do your due diligence...STOP, LOOK, LISTEN.
  • Are yard signs neat, clean, visible? Do they stand out? Talk to people
  • you trust. What has their experience been with agents they have used?
  • Does an agent have testimonials from past clients?
  • Does an agent have a website? What 3rd party websites do they
  • participate in?
  • Make a list and compare agent answers:
  • How long have you been in business? 
  • How many listings do you generally service at one time? 
  • How many home did you sell last calendar year?
  • And this year to date? 
  • How do you feel about days on the market?
  • And price reductions?
  • Can you explain the appraisal process?

Once you know what is important to you, you will have a much better chance to find the right agent. Remember the interviewing process is a two way street. Not all agents want all listings.The goal is to get it sold, not just have a sign in the yard.

I want to list most homes for whom I do a listing presentation. I’ll be happy to answer your questions honestly so we can all move forward separately or mutually with our goals.

Remember, not all agents are Realtors®. 




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